small indoor trampoline

Trampoline Height: 22cm
Frame Tube: 25mm*1.0mm
Leg: 25mm*1.5mm*5pcs
Elastic Bands: 16 pcs
Carton Size(mm): 580*300*100
CLQ(sets): 1550(20′)/3160(40′)/3620(40’)HQ
Weight: 2.9 KGS/3.6 KGS


1. Product Name
– 29 Inch Indoor Children’s Round Mini Springless Trampoline

2. Product Highlights
– 1) The 29-inch size is specially designed for children, with a round structure for added stability, suitable for safe jumping.
– 2) Features a springless design for enhanced safety, eliminating the risk of pinching associated with traditional spring trampolines.
– 3) Foldable design for easy storage and portability, making it convenient for home use.
– 4) Customization service available, allowing you to customize personalized logos, patterns, and special colors according to your child’s interests and home decor style.

3. Designed for Children
– The round design of the mini trampoline increases stability, allowing children to jump safely, exercise, and release energy.
– The springless design ensures safety for children’s playtime and provides peace of mind for parents.

4. Convenient to Use
– The trampoline is foldable, saving space and making it easy to store in any corner of the home or to take outdoors.
– Lightweight and portable, children can easily handle and set up the trampoline, enhancing parent-child interaction.

5. Safety Assurance
– The springless design eliminates the risk of pinching associated with traditional trampolines, providing parents with peace of mind.
– The round design offers high stability, effectively preventing tipping and falling, ensuring children’s safety.

6. Health Benefits
– Jumping on the trampoline helps improve children’s coordination and balance, promotes bone development, and enhances physical fitness.
– Jumping exercise releases children’s excess energy, reduces stress, and promotes better sleep.