Springfree Trampoline For Sale

48inch Hexagonal Fitness Springfree Trampoline With Handrail For Sale
Color:Customizable colors
Logo:Customizable logo
Size:Multiple sizes available


Products Description:

This 48-inch fitness springfree trampoline for sale is an incredibly attractive fitness tool. Equipped with sturdy and reliable safety handles, it allows you to maintain balance during high-intensity workouts. Moreover, its spring-free design ensures quietness, durability, and reduces the risk of accidental injuries. Whether used at home or in the gym, this mini trampoline is an ideal choice. Both teenagers and adults can engage in full-body aerobic exercise using this, enhancing cardiovascular fitness and overall body coordination.

Product Advantages:

①Customization Options: We support customization of colors, logos, and sizes according to customer preferences, providing a unique and personalized fitness equipment.

②Portability and Storage: Its moderate size allows for easy folding and storage in any corner of the house or even in the car, making it convenient for transportation and storage.

③Versatility in Fitness Training: Beyond just bouncing, this trampoline is suitable for various other fitness training such as balance exercises, aerobic workouts, and strength training.

④High-Quality Materials: Crafted using top-notch materials ensuring durability and longevity of the product.

Product Specifications:

Trampoline Height: 35cm
Frame Tube: 32mm*1.2mm*4pcs or 32mm*1.2mm*1pc
Leg Tube: 32mm*1.5mm*6pcs
Handrail Tube: 32mm*1.2mm,25mm*1.2mm
Elastic Ropes: tickness 8mm*36 pcs

Packing: 1 set/carton
Carton Size(mm): 670x95x320(4pcs of frame tube) or 1245x75x1100(1pc fo frame tube)
CLQ(sets): 1345(20′)/ 2790(40′)/ 3170(40’HQ)(4pcs of frame tube   271(20′)/ 560(40′)/ 630(40’HQ)(1pc of frame tube)


Q: This fitness mini trampoline is suitable for what age groups?

A : This fitness mini trampoline is suitable for teenagers to adults, catering to a wide range of ages. It benefits both beginners looking for gentle workouts and professionals seeking high-intensity training.

Q: What does “spring-free design” mean?

A : The “spring-free design” means this trampoline doesn’t employ traditional spring structures. Instead, it utilizes quieter, more durable elastic materials, reducing noise during use and minimizing the risk of accidental injuries.

Q: How can I customize this product?

A : You can customize colors, add logos, or adjust sizes according to your preferences. Just get in touch with our customer service team, and we’ll provide you with customized options.

Q: Is this trampoline easy to store and carry?

A: Yes, this trampoline is moderately sized, making it easy to fold and store in any corner of your home. It’s also convenient for transportation to the gym or outdoor locations.

Q: What types of fitness training is this mini trampoline suitable for?

A: Apart from bouncing exercises, this mini trampoline is suitable for a variety of fitness workouts including balance exercises, aerobic workouts, and strength training, offering a diverse fitness experience.

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