Springless Trampoline Costco

Name:springless trampoline costco
Size: 40inch
Trampoline height(mm): 300
Elastic rope: 30pcs, 8mm thickness
Color:Accept custom colors
Logo:Accept custom logo


Secure Handrail: Equipped with a sturdy handrail for extra support and balance, ensuring a safer and more confident workout experience.

Springless Design: Utilizing a springless design, the jumping experience is smoother, eliminating the risks associated with traditional springs. Ideal for home use.

Popular at Costco: Highly favored by Costco users, becoming a bestseller. The wide user base at Costco demonstrates its quality and popularity.

Upgraded Material: With upgraded materials, it’s more durable and maintains high quality for an extended period, enhancing its lifespan.

Great Value: Despite the material upgrade, it remains at a great value, allowing more people to enjoy a high-quality fitness device at an affordable price.

This mini trampoline not only occupies minimal space for convenient storage but also features a 40-inch size that suits various settings. Whether you’re a beginner or a fitness enthusiast, it provides a safe, enjoyable, and efficient fitness experience.