36 inch trampoline with handle

Trampoline Height:22cm
Frame Tube:25mm x 1.2mm
Leg tube:25mm x 1.5mm x 6pcs
Handrail:25mm x 1.2mm
Carton Size(mm):715x420x105


Product Name:36-Inch Children’s Springless Mini Trampoline

Product Features:Safe and stable, featuring a springless design to ensure safety while minimizing noise, allowing both your family and neighbors to enjoy peace and quiet.

Usage Scenarios:Ideal for indoor use at home and school, providing children with a safe and enjoyable space for physical activity.

Advantages:By using this trampoline, children can develop their motor skills and coordination while also releasing excess energy, promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Benefits for Children:More than just a recreational device, this children’s trampoline acts as a catalyst for joyful growth, promoting physical and mental well-being while fostering a positive outlook on life.