Indoor Trampoline With Net

Trampoline Height(cm):35
Leg tube:25mmx0.8mmx6pcs

Net Tube:22mmx0.6mm
Net Height(cm):125

Net Material:PE
Carton Size(mm):760X360X220
CLQ(sets):450( 20′ )/930( 40′ )/1083( 40’HQ )


About Indoor Trampoline with Net in Macaron Colors

New design:This indoor trampoline is designed in a variety of macaroon colors, which looks great and is perfect for kids.

Safety net:The unique design of the safety net effectively prevents kids from falling and getting injured, making parents more at ease.

Upgrade materials:The high-quality and thick material ensures better load-bearing capacity, ensuring the safety and comfort of kids on the trampoline.


Is the children’s trampoline safe?

Yes. Trampolines with safety nets and reinforced springs can provide higher safety performance. In addition, enhanced supervision should be in place to ensure that children do not perform dangerous movements.


What should be considered when using a trampoline?

Before using the trampoline, ensure that the ground is flat and there are no obstacles around the trampoline; wear athletic shoes when using it; allow only one person to jump at a time; avoid performing dangerous movements on the trampoline, etc.


How do I choose a trampoline suitable for children?

Choose a trampoline suitable for the child’s age group; select a high-quality and safe brand, preferably with relevant certifications; choose a trampoline of an appropriate size according to the available space at home.


What details should be noted after using the trampoline?

After use, check if the trampoline is damaged and repair it promptly if any damage is found; clean the trampoline regularly to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. If not in use for an extended period, it is best to disassemble and store the trampoline.

Children’s trampolines can help to improve children’s physical coordination, balance, and reaction ability; they can also promote the development of cardiovascular function and enhance children’s immunity.