Best In Ground Trampoline

Product Name:Outdoor Inground Trampoline
Trampoline height:20 cm
Color:Accept customized
Logo:Accept customized


Product Introduction:

In-ground trampolining, also known as sunken or ground-level trampolining, offers an exhilarating and fun way to engage in physical activity. Unlike traditional trampolines, this type is embedded into the ground, providing an entirely novel experience.

Combining the thrill of high-flying trampolining with safety features, in-ground trampolining lets you experience the joy of soaring through the air without the fear of heights. With every leap, you can unleash your energy, perform graceful maneuvers, and revel in the exhilaration of airborne freedom.

Safety: Being sunken into the ground provides greater stability during jumps, reducing the risk of falls.
Aesthetics: The trampoline’s ground-level placement offers a sleek appearance, blending seamlessly with the surroundings.
Space Optimization: The in-ground design saves space, allowing greater flexibility in the surrounding area.
Ease of Access: No climbing up or down required, making it easily accessible for users of all ages.
Enhanced Movement Options: In-ground trampolines offer a variety of movements beyond traditional bouncing.
Shock Absorption: The underground design provides better shock absorption, reducing the impact on the body’s joints during jumps and helping alleviate the stress associated with physical activity.
Family-Friendly: The sunken appearance of in-ground trampolines is more modest, easily blending with the aesthetics of home yards or outdoor spaces, making them suitable for family use.
Products name best in ground trampoline Jumping mat PP black mat
Trampoline height 20 cm Ground Peg 6 pcs
Frame tube 38mm x 1.5mm x 6pcs Carton Size(mm) 1290x485x210
Springs 48 pcs CLQ(sets) 190(20′)/396(40′)/477(40’HQ)


Q: Is in-ground trampolining suitable for all age groups?

A: Yes, in-ground trampolining is suitable for all age groups, but supervision is recommended, especially for children.

Q: Are there any specific maintenance requirements for these trampolines?

A: Regular checks of springs and surface condition are necessary to maintain the trampoline’s condition, along with clearing debris from the surrounding area.

Q: Does in-ground trampolining require special waterproofing?

A: Yes, in-ground trampolines often require waterproofing to ensure durability in various weather conditions.

Q: What size and shapes are available when choosing an in-ground trampoline?

A: Various sizes and shapes are available to suit different spaces and personal preferences.

Q: Is this rectangular trampoline easy to install and dismantle?

A: Yes, this rectangular trampoline is usually equipped with simplified installation steps and instructions, making it convenient and easy to install and dismantle.

Q: Does this type of trampoline help improve athletic skills?

A: Yes, in-ground trampolines can enhance balance, coordination, and flexibility, positively impacting the development of athletic skills.