Double Trampoline

Name:Oval Foldable Double Trampoline With Handrail For Kids
Trampoline Size: 153*92cm
Trampoline Height: 30cm
Springs: 40 pcs
Can be used by two people


1. Higher security:This children’s double trampoline is designed specifically for kids and equipped with sturdy safety handrails to ensure their safety during use. The design of the safety handrails ensures balance and stability for children while jumping, avoiding any accidents or injuries.

2. More room:The trampoline features a unique elliptical large space structure, providing children with ample jumping space.

3. Upgraded materials:The frame of this trampoline is made of durable materials, ensuring its longevity. It can withstand children’s jumping and playing, whether indoors or outdoors. Additionally, the bottom of the trampoline is designed with anti-slip features, enhancing the safety for children and reducing the risk of slipping or falling.

4. Good looking design:Not only is this children’s double trampoline functional and safe, but it also has an exquisite appearance. The vibrant colors and adorable shape attract children’s attention, making them more willing to participate in physical activities. As a beneficial and enjoyable sports equipment for kids, this trampoline is definitely a wise choice for parents.

Trampoline Size: 153*92cm
Trampoline Height: 30cm
Frame Tube: Arc tube: 25mm*1.2mm*2pcs
Straight tube: 25mm*1.5mm*2pcs
Handrail Tube: 32mm*1.0mm,25mm*1.0mm
Leg Tube: 25mm*1.5mm

Springs: 40 pcs
Frame Pad: PVC upper+6mm thickness foam+PE bottom
Carton Size(mm): 950*680*105
CLQ(sets): 400(20′)/820(40′)/950(40’HQ)