Big Outdoor Trampoline

Type:Outdoor trampoline

Material:Stainless steel, PVC

Brand Name:JKL Size:6FT/8FT/10FT/12FT/13FT/14FT/15FT

Color:Customized Color

Logo:Customized Logo Availabled

Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China


Why do kids love large outdoor trampolines?

Kids love large outdoor trampolines for many of the same reasons they enjoy trampolines in general, but the larger size often enhances these aspects of enjoyment:

►More Space to Bounce: Large outdoor trampolines provide a spacious area for kids to bounce and jump freely. They can achieve higher and more dynamic jumps, which adds to the excitement.

►Social Play: A bigger trampoline can accommodate multiple users simultaneously, making it a perfect setting for social play. Kids can invite friends over, bounce together, play games, and have fun interactions.

►Versatility: Larger trampolines offer more room for creative play. Kids can engage in a wider range of activities, from simple jumping to practicing gymnastics, playing tag, or inventing their games.

►Adventure and Exploration: The larger surface area encourages a sense of adventure and exploration. Kids can move around, experiment with different movements and jumps, and explore the space.

►Physical Fitness: With more room to move, children can engage in more rigorous physical activities on large trampolines. This can be an excellent way for them to stay active and improve their physical fitness.

►Family Fun: Larger trampolines can accommodate multiple family members at once, making it a great way for families to bond and enjoy outdoor activities together.

►Adrenaline and Thrills: The scale of a large outdoor trampoline amplifies the sensations of jumping, creating an even more thrilling and adrenaline-pumping experience for kids.

►Independence and Confidence: A larger trampoline can foster a sense of independence and self-confidence as kids are given more space to try out new moves and develop their skills.

►Variety of Play Options: The additional space opens up more opportunities for varied play, such as incorporating toys, practicing flips, or even setting up obstacle courses.

►Year-Round Entertainment: Many families invest in large trampolines with enclosures, allowing for year-round outdoor fun. Kids can enjoy bouncing in various weather conditions while remaining safe.

►Social Interaction: Large trampolines can facilitate group activities and encourage kids to communicate, cooperate, and compete in a friendly manner.

►Sensory Stimulation: Bouncing on a large trampoline provides even more sensory stimulation, engaging the proprioceptive and vestibular sensory systems, which can have a calming and organizing effect on children’s sensory input.