handrail for mini trampoline

Trampoline Height: 30cm
Frame Tube: 25mm*1.2mm
Handrail Tube: 25mm*1.0mm,32mm*1.0mm
Leg: 25mm*1.5mm*6pcs
Elastic Bands: 32 pcs
Carton Size(mm): 780*370*120
CLQ(sets): 780(20′)/1620(40′)/1885(40’HQ)


Product Name:40-Inch Children’s Folding Springless Mini Trampoline
Product Features:Features a foldable design for convenient storage without occupying extra space.Springless structure offers enhanced safety, reducing the risk of injury.Equipped with a safety handlebar to increase stability and security during use.
Usage Scenarios:Suitable for indoor and outdoor settings such as homes, schools, and parks, making it an ideal exercise and play equipment for children.
Advantages:Available in multiple sizes and colors to meet various user needs.Springless design is safer and quieter.Folding capability for easy storage and portability.
Benefits for Children:Jumping activity helps children build strength, improve coordination, and enhance balance.
Product Description:This 40-inch Children’s Folding Springless Mini Trampoline is specifically designed for children, combining safety, convenience, and versatility. The springless structure eliminates the safety risks associated with traditional springs, while the folding design allows for easy storage when not in use. The safety handlebar provides additional support to prevent falls. Our factory offers multiple sizes and colors to accommodate different family needs. This trampoline not only promotes children’s physical development and motor skills but also allows them to enjoy the fun of jumping in a safe environment, helping them burn off excess energy.