trampoline foam tube

This trampoline pipe foam protective sleeve is made of soft and durable safety materials, providing effective collision protection. Available in multiple colors, easy to install, it adds safety protection and decorative effects to your trampoline.


1. Product Name
– Trampoline Pipe Foam Protective Sleeve

2. Product Highlights
– 1) Specifically designed for trampoline pipe fittings, providing effective protection, reducing impact force, and improving safety during use.
– 2) Made of safe materials, soft and durable, free from harmful substances, ensuring user health.
– 3) Available in multiple colors to match the trampoline or surrounding environment, enhancing visual appeal.
– 4) Easy to install, can be easily wrapped around trampoline pipe fittings without affecting normal use.
– 5) Customization service available, allowing for personalized sizing, colors, and designs to meet individual needs.