trampoline for exercise for adults

Trampoline Height: 35cm
Frame Tube: 32mm*1.2mm*1pc
Leg Tube: 32mm*1.5mm*8pcs
Handrail Tube(mm): 30*1.5+25*1.5+φ25×1.5
Elastic Ropes: tickness 8mm*40 pcs
Packing: 1 set/carton
Carton Size(mm): 1220x135x1220
CLQ(sets): 135(20’)/ 273(40’)/ 318(40’HQ)


1. Product Name
– 50-inch Octagonal Fitness Trampoline with Specially Shaped Safety Handle for exercise for adults

2. Product Highlights
– 1) The 50-inch octagonal design increases stability and jumping space, ideal for fitness and entertainment.
– 2) Equipped with a large, specially shaped safety handle, providing more support and safety assurance.
– 3) Springless design ensures safety, eliminating the risk of pinching associated with traditional springs.
– 4) Attractive color coordination, suitable for various fitness environments and home decor styles.
– 5) Made from high-specification materials, ensuring durability and suitability for long-term use.
– 6) Customization service available, allowing for logo customization and offering multiple color options to meet personalized needs.

3. Unique Design
– The octagonal structure design not only enhances stability but also expands the jumping area, providing a better jumping experience.
– The large, specially shaped safety handle provides more support and enhances user safety, suitable for various exercise intensities.

4. Safety and Reliability
– The springless design eliminates the risk of pinching associated with traditional springs, making it especially suitable for home and gym use.
– High-quality materials and craftsmanship ensure the product’s durability and safety during use.

5. Convenient to Use
– Moderate size suitable for home, gym, and outdoor use, offering various exercise options.
– Lightweight design for easy transportation and storage, not taking up too much space, suitable for multiple scenarios.

6. Variety of Choices
– Multiple color options to meet different users’ aesthetic needs and personal preferences.
– Customization service available, allowing for logo customization to create a unique fitness trampoline.

7. Health Benefits
– Jumping on the trampoline helps improve cardiovascular health, promote blood circulation, and enhance overall fitness.
– Suitable for users of all ages, from children to adults, everyone can enjoy the health and happiness brought by the fitness trampoline.