trampoline pull tool

Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Material: mental
Product Name: Trampoline Spring Pull Tool
Color: sliver
Certificate: GS intertek,EN-71,ASTM


1. Product Name
– Trampoline Spring Pulling Tool

2. Product Highlights
– 1) Specifically designed for trampolines, used to easily pull and stretch springs, simplifying the installation process and improving work efficiency.
– 2) Humanized design, comfortable handle grip, easy operation, suitable for users of all ages.
– 3) Sturdy and durable, made of high-quality steel, specially treated for strong compressive strength and durability, not easily damaged even with long-term use.
– 4) Lightweight and portable, compact and easy to store, convenient to carry to the trampoline installation site, solving installation problems.
– 5) Multi-functional use, not only for trampoline spring installation, but also for other similar operations that require pulling and stretching, providing more possibilities for use.
– 6) Improved work efficiency, using this tool can quickly complete the spring pulling work, saving time and energy.
– 7) Wide applicability, suitable for various types of trampolines such as home trampolines, commercial trampolines, etc., with strong versatility.