Trampoline rain Cover

Material: PE

This kind of cover is good in keeping leaves and other debries off the surface.
It can resist UV,rain and snow.


1. Product Name
– Trampoline Rain Cover

2. Product Highlights
– 1) Effectively prevents leaves and other debris from accumulating on the trampoline surface, keeping it clean.
– 2) Made of premium waterproof material, capable of resisting rain and snow, protecting the trampoline from weather elements.
– 3) UV-resistant feature prevents aging and fading due to sun exposure, extending the trampoline’s lifespan.
– 4) Easy-to-use design, convenient for quick covering and removal, suitable for trampolines of various sizes.
– 5) Durable material, tear-resistant and wear-resistant, ensuring long-term use.

3. Multi-Functional Application
– Not only suitable for trampolines but also can be used as a protective cover for outdoor furniture, offering multi-purpose protection.
– Suitable for protecting trampolines in homes, schools, parks, keeping them clean and intact in various environments.

4. Convenient to Use
– Lightweight design, easy to carry and store, taking up minimal space.
– Equipped with elastic bands or drawstrings, ensuring the cover is securely fixed and not easily blown away by the wind.

5. Superior Material
– Made of high-density waterproof material, ensuring no water penetration, keeping the trampoline dry.
– Durable fabric, specially treated to resist UV damage, extending the cover’s lifespan.

6. Customization Service
– Offers various sizes and colors to meet different trampoline needs.
– Customizable to special sizes or with printed logos according to customer requirements, enhancing brand image.

7. Health Benefits
– Keeps the trampoline clean, reducing the accumulation of dust and debris, promoting user health and safety.
– Provides comprehensive protection, extending the trampoline’s life and reducing maintenance costs.