Double Handrail Trampoline

Elastic rope:32pcs x 6mm
Carton Size(mm):1000x130x980

Size:95cm x 95cm
Trampoline height:34cm
Frame tube:25mm x 1.2mm x 4pcs
Leg tube:32mm x 1.2mm
Handrail tube:32mm x 1.2mm
Elastic rope:32pcs x 6mm
Carton Size(mm):1060x420x90


1. Product Name
– 95x95cm Square Fitness Double Handrail Trampoline

2. Product Highlights
– 1) 95x95cm square design provides a larger jumping and exercise area, suitable for various fitness activities.
– 2) Equipped with dual safety handles, offering double protection, enhancing stability and safety.
– 3) Upgraded materials with high-strength steel frame and durable elastic mat, ensuring greater sturdiness and safety.
– 4) Designed for both home fitness and professional gym use, meeting different usage scenarios.
– 5) Suitable for various fitness exercises such as aerobic jumping, strength training, and balance exercises, ideal for full-body workouts.
– 6) Stylish appearance with attractive color coordination, suitable for various home and gym environments.

3. Multi-Functional Application
– The square design provides a larger jumping area, suitable for various high-intensity and complex fitness moves.
– Dual handle design increases user stability and safety, especially suitable for beginners and those needing extra support.

4. Safety and Reliability
– Made with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and safety for long-term use.
– The springless design eliminates the risk of pinching and reduces noise, making it perfect for homes and apartments.

5. Convenient to Use
– Moderate size suitable for both home and gym use, offering multiple exercise options.
– Lightweight design for easy movement and storage, taking up minimal space, suitable for various scenarios.

6. Health Benefits
– Enhances cardiovascular function, improves body coordination and flexibility, suitable for users of all ages.
– Strengthens core muscles, helps in full-body toning, and improves overall health levels.

7. Personalized Options
– Multiple color options available, meeting different users’ aesthetic needs and personal preferences.
– Customizable logo, creating a unique fitness trampoline, ideal for brand promotion and personalized needs.