sports trampoline

It’s a fitness trampoline designed for home use, featuring a spring-free design and safety handrails, suitable for aerobic exercises, improving cardiovascular health, and building muscle strength.


The Fitness Trampoline is a highly efficient fitness equipment designed for home workouts. It features an advanced spring-free structure and comes with safety handrails, providing users with a secure and stable exercise experience. The surface of the trampoline is made of wear-resistant and non-slip materials, ensuring comfort and stability during workouts. Whether you’re looking to engage in aerobic exercises, improve cardiovascular health, or enhance muscle strength and balance, the Fitness Trampoline meets all your needs.

Product Features:

Spring-Free Design: Utilizes an advanced spring-free structure, reducing noise and vibration during workouts for enhanced safety and stability.

Safety Handrails: Equipped with adjustable-height safety handrails, offering additional support and balance for users of all heights.

Wear-Resistant Non-Slip Surface: Features a surface made of wear-resistant and non-slip materials, ensuring good traction and comfort for a safe workout experience.

Versatile Fitness: Suitable for aerobic exercises, improving cardiovascular health, and enhancing muscle strength and balance, leading to overall physical fitness improvement.

Home Fitness: Compact and portable, suitable for placement in any corner of the home, allowing for convenient and accessible fitness training anytime, anywhere.

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or a beginner, the Fitness Trampoline is your ideal choice for building a healthy lifestyle. Come and experience the joy of bouncing and jumping, where a healthy life begins!

Size: 50inch
Trampoline height(mm): 300
Frame tube(mm): φ25×1.5x6pcs
Leg tube(mm): φ25×1.5x6pcs
Handrail tube(mm): φ25×1.2 φ30×1.2
Packing: 1 set/carton
Carton size without pad(mm): 670x320x95
CLQ(sets): 1345(20’)/2790(40’)/3170(40’HQ)
Carton Size with pad(mm): 720x320x120
CLQ(sets): 990(20’)/2050(40’)/2390(40’HQ)

If with pad, the upper side of the pad is 300x600D Oxford Fabric
Elastic rope: 42pcs, 6mm thickness