Springfree Trampoline Costco

Trampoline Height:30cm

Frame Tube:25mm*1.2mm

Handrail Tube:25mm*1.2mm,30mm*1.2mm

Leg:25mm*1.5mm*6pcs Elastic Bands:28 pcs

Carton Size(mm):715*345*120



As parents, we want our children to have active and fun-filled childhoods. However, it’s important to ensure that the toys they play with are safe and secure. That’s where the no-spring trampoline comes in.

This indoor trampoline is designed specifically for young children and has been built with safety in mind. Unlike traditional trampolines that use springs, this trampoline is spring-free, meaning that there’s no risk of pinching or injuries from metal parts. In addition, the trampoline has a sturdy frame with soft padding on the edges, ensuring that even if your child does take a tumble, they won’t get hurt.

Not only is this trampoline safer than traditional ones, but it’s also more fun! With a bright and colorful design, kids will enjoy bouncing around for hours on end. The trampoline is also designed to be interactive, with a built-in sound system that plays fun music and sounds as children jump around.

This trampoline is a great investment in your child’s health and happiness. It will provide them with a fun and interactive way to exercise indoors, regardless of the weather outside. It’s safe and fun, making it the perfect addition to any home with young children.

In conclusion, the no-spring trampoline is a great option for parents looking for a safe and fun way to encourage their children to stay active. Its bright colors, built-in sound system, and sturdy frame make it an ideal choice for families who want to provide their kids with a healthy, fun-filled childhood. So go ahead and invest in this great product – your children will thank you for it!